ESP8266 Wired up and semi-working

I’ve got the ESP8266 (ESP-03) wired up and semi-working. I’ve read in many blog posts that this package can take quite a bit of current to power so I’m assuming that’s why I can’t get it to connect to an AP. I ordered a 5v/3.3v breadboard power supply and once that arrives I’ll try testing again. Right now it’s connected to an Arduino UNO R3 using the software UART. Luckily I didn’t have to flash any newer firmware to achieve the lower baud rate needed.

In the image below you’ll see I just used the same wires that I made in an earlier post to solder onto the ESP8266. This allowed me to easily connect it to a breadboard for testing. Ideally for prototyping I’d like to get an adapter board like the one made byElectroDragon. The end result of any project would probably be to surface mount solder the ESP8266 to another PCB like the Baoshi designed breakout board.